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Why Unify?

UNIFY is for committed dancers ready to make the leap into the REAL WORLD OF DANCE

If you dream of being a professional dancer, you’re in the right place. Unify is an all new kind of dance competition that focuses on giving dancers the right tools to move forward in the real world of dance. We developed this unique competition to give young dancers the experience that we wish we had when trying to break into the dance industry. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Unify is to create unity in the dance community so dancers can share their passion, collaborate and stretch their comfort zones as they learn the ropes of the real world of dance.

Unify is a whole lot more than just a dance competition. Participants get:

  • Workshops with industry professionals on the “must-know” industry secrets for becoming a professional dancer

  • Training with experienced teachers, dancers, and adjudicators

  • Opportunity to work in an intimate environment with industry professionals

  • Graduate scholarship opportunities

  • Audition readiness training and mock auditions

Graduate scholarships (see scholarships section)


Because investing in your career as a dancer is so important, we have a number of scholarships and senior student scholarships with companies for year-round programs.

Real world experience


We don’t want the real world to be a slap in the face. That’s why at Unify, we designed our competition to get you ready for it.

Train with Professional dancers 

If you want to make it in the real world of dance, it just makes sense to learn what successful professional dancers do. 

All-Media Included

All photos and video of each routine is included in the entry fee for every dancer! Studio Owners, you also get a copy of all your photos/videos.


Our workshop portion


Nothing launches your career better than being ready. In our workshops, industry professionals help answer your questions about what it takes to make it out there. You’ll learn how to build your resume, develop auditioning skills and much more!

Video Critique

We provide video adjudication. This benefits students/teachers so they can see what they need to work on moving forward.

Mentorship Scholarships 

Dancers will receive an invitation to our mentorship session with our faculty. This will be awarded to a small group of dancers who caught adjudicators eyes during the event. You’ll learn how to develop auditioning skills, get the ins and outs on photos, demo reels and much more!